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Why Canadian Education

The most important question any parent considering our school for their child should ask is this – what is so special about Canadian education? The answer is deceptively simple. The essential goal of the Canadian teacher in the Canadian school is to educate students so that they have learned to learn! That means that students become increasingly capable at using their developing academic and intellectual talents to analyze, synthesize and problem solve. Certainly facts are important but the ability to use knowledge gained and skills developed to deal with new school and life challenges is essential. In effect Canadian education teaches students to think and to apply their learning in effective ways to novel situations. It is this fundamental ability that makes students with a Canadian education so successful in post-secondary schools and in their adult life.

There are, of course, other features of Canadian education worth acknowledging. Learning often takes place co-operatively and in activity-based ways. That means that the teacher provides students with information and certain skills and then challenges them to develop their learning further through related and increasingly demanding activities. Simply memorizing factual information and then doing nothing with it is a waste of student time and energy.

Parent involvement in student learning is also very important. Parents are expected to talk to their sons and daughters on a daily basis about school. Where parents do not understand what the school is trying to accomplish or have a concern, they are expected to call and then visit the school to clear things up. It is often said that Canadian schools, do not just accept students – they enroll families! Student learning is always most effective when the home-school partnership is strong.

Finally, Canadian education is about the whole child. Students are not simply empty vessels to be filled with facts and figures. They are unique individuals who are learning and developing every day as they move from childhood to adulthood. Canadian schools are concerned about each student’s physical, emotional and social development as well as their performance as learners. Teachers engage their students in a caring and supportive way – not as friends but as adults concerned about their total development.

Canadian education has been judged internationally to be of the highest quality. The Canadian International School Of Dubai now brings that educational quality to the students of Dubai.