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School Council

The School Council is empowered to offer advice and opinion on all aspects of the school’s essential functioning to the Principal who will share that advice and opinion with the Board of Governors. That Council will have parent representatives from each grade in the school, from the teaching staff, the school support staff and students. It is chaired, at least initially, by the school’s Principal.

There is also one representative selected by the Board of Governors to represent the perspective and interests of the school’s Ownership directly.

Membership on the School Council is accomplished through annual elections for parent representation and Principal appointments for staff.

The School Council meets regularly and issues raised at these meetings which are beyond the scope of the Council’s authority to address will be shared with the Board of Governors for a response.

The Board of Governors and the School Council will have a minimum of one joint meeting in each school year where there will be an opportunity to table and address matters of collective interest.