Quality Assurance
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Quality Assurance

Student achievement will be measured in various ways including formal and informal testing, assessment of classroom effort and project completion and performance on external measures of competence such as the Canadian Test of Basic Skills and the annual literacy and numeracy tests administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The school’s performance will be measured against the expectations set out in its annual School Improvement Plan. That plan, annually updated, identifies strategic improvement goals, allocates resources and determines how effectiveness will be measured. All members of the school community will be involved in the plan development exercise.

The plan is designed to ask and then answer the following questions:

OICS will be assisted in its continuous improvement effort by Dr. Gregory Cosgrove, in the role of School Effectiveness Director. In this role, Dr. Cosgrove will work with Mr. John Briggs, the School Principal, to develop and then objectively monitor the implementation of the School Improvement Plan.

Dr. Cosgrove served as the primary consultant for the establishment of The Ontario International Canadian School.